There's been a few months pause on updating this site... I've done an internship that started along with a global pivot that focused on Russia, long before Nancy Pelosi decided to punch the dragon. The second paper in my 3OS series is easily the longest paper I've ever written and though it was nowhere near done when I left for my AFWERX internship, the planetary realignment certainty is a big impact on the details in such a broad paper. Atop that, the section on the transnational criminal organizations (TCOs) desperately needed a lot of editing; from 2019 to 2022, as this paper was written, the relationships and even formations and splintering of cartels required a change. Plus, we pulled out of Afghanistan and then killed Zawahiri there during this time.

Basically, I'm still writing and editing a ton because while I know what I'm writing will almost instantly be dated, I want it to at least be accurate on the day it's published.

However, good news is, after a crazy summer, I've got some stability and will be able to push papers #2, #3 and #4 soon. Number 5 may take me some time, but the last one (6) is almost done anyway.

At least I'm editing content. I can tell you it's a lot harder to write from scratch; you can't edit a blank sheet of paper.